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Shivani: +91 87883 54939
Alt No: +91 95525 85845

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An Affair To Remember, Recall & Relive. Limban serves up the experience of a lifetime, both tangible and intangible.



A cozy dining experience, where you can indulge in the diversity of our exquisite home cooked cuisine and hospitable service, in a comfortable conditioned space.

Reception & Lounge

Your journey begins here. A chill out, Wifi enabled lounge, harnessing the fragrant breeze and the music of birds, it is a perfect spot to connect with yourself and others.

Pool & Deck Lounge

Nothing like a cool dip after a Safari! Stretch yourself at our relaxing Wifi enabled deck lounge and enjoy an A-La-Carte service. Engage yourself in the captivating wildlife documentaries screened here every evening. Its an experience!

The Machan at Limkheda

Gaze far and wide from the Machan located at a vantage point overlooking the adjoining hills and distant jungles. A perfect spot to be at sunset to take in the changing horizon. Catch a glimpse of a rangale of deer, a sounder of wild boar, flocks of resident and migratory birds and if you are lucky, even a carnivore ambling by to the water hole.

Limkheda - Down to Earth

A beautifully curated village experience under the stars. The fragrance of raw earth mingled with flowing breaths of the jungle. Sounds of silence suddenly punctuated by calls from the wild and distant tribal celebrations. All coming together for the most mystical and indulgent moments which you will cherish for years to come.

Ila by Limban

Age-old traditions have continued their journey into the millennium. Ila by Limban honours these traditions at its luxurious sanctuaries that invite you to restore balance – in the way it all began!

Documentary Lounge

The perfect space to watch and learn about the famous animals of Tadoba. 


Savour fine malts, exclusive wines, exotic cocktails and delectable cuisine in an intimate setting with cosy seating.

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