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As partners of Metaphors(, an Architectural firm of 30 years, based out of Pune, they have lived amidst an urban environ, contributing towards nationally acclaimed brick and mortar landscapes.

And now, with a new born realization and passion for the wild and untamed, they find themselves gravitating from the heights of the concrete and glass universe to the depths of our jungles.

The thrill of the jungle has hypnotized Amala and Anand for over a decade. “It’s not just the heart stopping sight of a big cat suddenly ambling past your jeep, or the breath taking visual of herds of cheetal gracefully sprinting by you, nor the stunning freeze of an eagle nonchalantly devouring a slithery reptile… The jungle is about coexistence and respect, about beauty and diversity. "says Anand.

'And this,' says Amala, "we hope to pass on as an amazing and wholesome experience to other enthusiasts through our Eco-Resort, Limban."

A direction which hopes to sustain our delicate eco-environment and conserve our wild life.