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What is plus ?


At Limban, we have meticulously taken steps and implemented "Quality Practice" in being an Eco-Friendly Resort. We have ensured that we are in no way endangering the surrounding areas. We have planted all native trees & plants to ensure that there is no invasive effect due to non native plantation. 


1. Effective sustainable management

At Limban, we have endeavoured to initiate Sustainable Management for current and future times by installing relevant sustainable systems (ETP, STP (Phytorid System) RO Plant, Water Softner, Grease Trap which will create a balance between natural resources, the existing eco system and the human element.

This will also ensure the integrity of the natural landscape which will be well supported by ensuring that systems applied will not hamper or damage it in any way.

2. Co-Operative Structure

We have also adopted and leased a 5 acre plot from an adivasi, adjacent to the resort. This was lying unused and uncultivated for years. We are now growing our own vegetables and seasonal grains and are fertilising the plot organically. The guests can experience a walk in the farm and gain knowledge in organic farming.

We intend to encourage more farmers to come forward and join this concept so that agriculture is introduced back into these villages.

3. Employment & Women Empowerment

At Limban, all our employees are locals who speak and understand Hindi and Marathi (Local Language). Each one of them has gone through intensive training and have reached a high level of capability. We have ensured that we have employed many women too and are trying to create a level platform of growth for them.

4. Waste Management/ Clean Drive

Solid waste from the kitchen is first segregated into bio degradable, plastic and metal. Plastic and metal are stored for a week and then disposed at garbage collection centres in Chandrapur on a weekly basis.

Bio degradable waste is collected in brick pits and treated organically to convert it into manure.

Signages on waste disposal have been put up throughout the resort. We also pick up waste in and around the resort making sure our pathways are clean and there is no waste in the forest too.

5. Saving Wildlife

"We are in their homes." All wildlife species are saved and are re-habitated. Our Naturalists care and also impart knowledge to staff and locals - how can be better saving the envrioment.

6. Re-forestation/ Connecting with Farmers

We noticed there is a lot of barren farm land near the core jungle area, belonging to villagers & adivasis who are constantly tempted to sell it to buyers who would fence the property thus blocking off movement of animals to and fro from the dam. Such lands are not used for any cultivation or agriculture and have no trees or plantation of any sorts. We have connected to land owners and persuaded him to plant bamboo on his 12 acre plot. For this we have supported him by preparing the land surface and also constructing a bore well for which he had no resource.

This bamboo can be used to reforest the barren lands creating a natural habitat for birds as well as can be used effectively once it has completed its life cycle under statutory guidelines. We, as architects, have already started designing and developing products from waste of all kind.